We know that Animals have healing power. Their unconditional love that greets you at the door.  The Soldier’s Best Friend program is an excellent opportunity available to Military with PTSD or TBI.  Tell someone who may benefit from this service:   http://soldiersbestfriend.org/

Our Mission: To provide United States military veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) with a trained Service or Therapeutic Companion Dog, most of these dogs of which will be rescued from local shelters.

Our Goal: To help our war heroes improve in their symptoms of PTSD, adjust back into civilian life, lead a more productive life and help them build self esteem. This is accomplished by pairing the veteran with a dog and training the two together. We also want to help the pet overpopulation problem by helping place shelter or rescue dogs into good homes.

We are devoted to helping our veterans and the pet overpopulation problem.

Once a veteran or active military member is accepted into our program they will be paired with a dog adopted from a local shelter or with a dog already owned by the vet.

Depending on the individual need of the applicant we will train them with 1 of 2 types of dogs; a Certified Service Dog or a Therapeutic Companion Dog / Emotional Support Animal.

A Certified Service Dog is allowed by law to enter public places such as the veteran’s work place, restaurants, buses, stores, etc. These are rights set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

A Therapeutic Companion Dog / Emotional Support Animal will not be allowed to enter most public venues. This dog is fully obedience trained.  These dogs by law are allowed to board airplanes and live in non pet friendly environments.

Read More and See Full Application Process:  http://soldiersbestfriend.org

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