A Christmas From Afar

Poem by Cynthia Gibbs

Two little pairs of bright eyes are anxious to see
What goodies are waiting for them under the tree.
Festive stockings are hanging full to the brim,
Yet the family stands still – waiting for him.

Eagerly their eyes turn to lock on the screen –
Looking for that face they’ve not recently seen.
Without too much delay, they soon get the call.
As his image comes in focus, he hears cries from them all.

They all run to their places, making sure he’s in view;
Their enthusiasm explodes, as if on cue.
He smiles as they unwrap each present in haste:
Hears their laughs, sees their smiles, the delight on each face.

They show him their treasures, hold them up one by one,
And then, expectantly, turn to him when they’re done.
He lays down his weapon, and then with a wide grin
Picks up his care package, opens it, and peers in.

They watch in anticipation as he reveals what’s inside.
Oh, which item is most dear, he could never decide!
For each was chosen especially for him and sent with love
From his sweet little darlings that he thinks the world of.

How his heart longs to be there, to kiss their sweet face,
And to hold them up close in a tender embrace.
Yet from his faraway location that’s in another time zone,
This soldier is grateful for a glimpse of Christmas at home.

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