Charlene Comments: Some People ask why I do these monthly campaigns and dedicate time out of every day to create a post…. Good Question.  Initially, it was because I don’t have much money to donate to a cause, but we all have the power of our voice.  This is why I encourage you to share these posts, to use your power of your voice.  Amazingly the voice has been heard and conversations like below continue to keep me motivated to research and share! 

A PM that I woke up to this morning from an Iraq Veteran 2004 ~ Fresno, CA:

“I came home with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury. Have difficulty concentrating, remembering, have headaches every day, have to do something over and over to learn it, get overwhelmed and can’t do anything, among other things. Things came to me easy before, but are a struggle now.It took me a long time just to find out what was going on. Struggled to do my job, got fired for hitting someone, the wife took the kids and left (she has been back for 3 years now). A lot of crap happened that didn’t happen before.From attending Vet counseling groups I now know that this is pretty common. I hear people come in and say the same things I’m saying.I’ve settled into a routine now, not working and the days are still not easy.”
When I thanked him for sharing and asked what organizations have helped his family that I could highlight with this story he replied with:
“I think the more people that know what’s going on, the better. Especially other veterans that are reluctant to talk about it. They can be inspired by others telling their stories.Organizations that have helped us:
Our Heroes Dreams   (  )
Vision Quest Ranch  (  )
Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes  (  )
American Legion  (  )It’s tough to pin down one of these, together they are all valuable. But my wife says Vision Quest Ranch and Our Heroes Dreams for giving us 5 days together with our son at the safari ranch.”
I added the links above.  If you feel like giving or learning more about each.
Remember,  just because someone doesn’t have a visibly physical injury that they are not hurting or struggling in many ways.  
This doesn’t just go for the Military, but respect everyone around you.  Everyone has a challenge, and most those struggles get multiplied during the Holiday Season. 
Mountainguyed 67 military camo truck
Yes, that is his Rig!  And below is another picture that he sent me of them in Iraq…