Save the Ta-tas Foundation was introduced to the world with the sole purpose of finding a cure for breast cancer. The first donation received was $160 from ZogSports in New York.  Through Play For Your Cause, their coed adult sports league teams can embrace their altruistic side by designating a charity which they play for during the season! We are happy to report that they continue to support the foundation to this day.

It’s as easy as 1…2…3… to start today:

1)  Decide how you would like to get involved!

2)  Complete the application included in this packet and learn about our logo use


3)  Visit our website: to become familiar with our company

Philosophy and products

4)  Order your promotional items and merchandise

5)  Promote your fundraiser event (ask us how we can help with that!)

6)  Host your amazing event

7)  Thank your attendees and donors for helping fund independent cancer research

8)  Send the donations to the Save the Ta-tas Foundation

9)  Repeat as desired!

Read All the Information:

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