Yesterday I posted some information about the future of this project….

“2. Month of… Since October 1st I (Charlene) haven’t missed a day of posting a Vehicle and a speck of information about a particular disease or cause. On January 1st, after over 130 posts, I had a chat with myself about the commitment to this project. It was a perfect time to either Stop or Make a Further Commitment to Take it to the Next Level. Well, as you have seen with the Month of Snow, I am still posting and committed…but some may tell that it is a ‘little different’ as I have been making slight adjustments all month.

My commitment to these posts are because of you and the response that I have had from complete strangers to best friends who have somehow been impacted, learned something, or just enjoyed the vehicles!

The Next Level is pretty awesome. I can hardly wait to share it with you! Soon, I promise, Soon!”

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Shortly after I released this information, my Facebook Alert goes off and leads me to a comment that was added to Wednesdays Post:

“Charlene, tonight my father-in-law is losing his battle with lung cancer. He is a good man and one of my heros.  I am thankful for your support.”   Chris from Indiana

My prayers are with Chris and his entire family, and others that are going through the same struggles.  There have been many vehicles submitted this month that have ‘in honor of’ statements next to them. Everyone in our circle is struggling with something, although they may not make it apparent to you.

One of my favorite Post-It-Note reminders that I put in the 2013 calendar, and ask you to keep in mind in your upcoming days…
“Anyone who reaches out for help is entitled to your Compassion and Attention”

The economy is hard right now and we may not have Money, but we have the Power of Information and Compassion at our finger tips all the time.  You may not be able to financially support an organization or person, but you can support with a kind ear and by Learning & Sharing.  That is what I am doing.  Learning and Sharing, and hoping that you learn and share too.

I fully realize that you probably don’t look at these posts everyday.  I hope that at some point you feel inspired to submit your vehicle to share.  And, I hope that you check in occasionally to learn and share what you like and feel is important.  You Hold the Power of Information!

You. You!  That is why I share!

Photo by Barlow Jeep Rentals & School in Sedona, AZ

Barlow Jeep School snow lung cancer