Today we start the week of Thanksgiving, and for those in our lives.  Lets feature one of our Jeep Friends, Mike,  who wrote a blog about his road to being Prostate Cancer Free via Protein Beam Therapy in Loma Linda, CA!

“I’m ready to face the most challenging obstacle on the trail called life, I’m Locked & Loaded and ready to Rock! Bring it on!”

It starts:  ”Okay, I took a wrong line on the obstacle and I took a hard roll off the trail. I received some bumps and bruises, but now it was time to recover from the shock of it all and get back on the trail and start the rebuild.

It takes a strong winch line to get a Jeep back on all four wheels during a recovery after a roll. But once you get back up you got to dust yourself off, check your fluids, and start it back up. It may sputter a bit and blow some smoke, but you can still drive a Jeep off the trail and get back home safely after a roll.

I found out my winch line to be my family and friends. Without them I’d still be out there on my side just rotting away in the desert sun as the vultures circled around waiting to finish me off. A good winch line also needs a good anchor. Something to attach that winch line to in order to make a successful recovery. I found my anchor to be my wife Jeanette. I hooked my line up to her and she pulled me up out of the hole I had fallen into.”

And Week by Week he accounts the experiences in the hospital and the adventures of Southern California…

“….Okay, we have been waiting for about thirty minutes now and I really have to pee BAAAAD! So I went up to the receptionist and asked her how much longer it would be, and tell her in my best Forest Gump imitation, “I got to go pee.” She gives them a call and tells me that I could go ahead and pee some, then drink more water. I’m thinking to myself, how in the heck am I going to pee some. A woman can cut it off in midstream but I don’t think a man can. So I go to the can and try it. Oh god it felt so good I didn’t want to stop! Okay here it goes! Well guys, let me tell you, it’s hard to stop in midstream but it can be done…..”

“….My first visit to the proton treatment center was a reality check for me. I entered the reception area and saw several people with different types and stages of cancer. There were women with no hair, people in wheel chairs, and ordinary men that seemed perfectly healthy.  ….   In the months I spent waiting for this day I kind of put the fact I had cancer in the back of my head. Sure there wasn’t a day I didn’t think about it, but today reality struck. I have cancer! I’m another statistic!…”

“….One week of treatments down and 40 balloons to go! Yaaaaay!…”

and all the way through to Week 9….

“….I went in for my final treatment and stared at the ceiling for the last time. The ceiling that had family photos and words of encouragement from current and former patients. Almost like a shrine. A few days prior I gave the HBL crew a photo of me in my Jeep, climbing a waterfall on a trail named, “Highway to Hell.” I signed the photo and wrote a thanks to them for helping me over my obstacle on the “Trail of Life”, and they had placed my photo on the ceiling. As the proton beam zapped me for the last time, I looked up at that photo and visualized myself climbing over the obstacle in my Jeep and everybody was cheering me on that I had made it up and over the obstacle and the end of the trail was finally in sight.

After it was all over and the final balloon extraction was completed, I thanked the crew for being so kind to me and professional at the same time. They wrote,”Done” on the inside of my pod and I had them add “Well” for “Well Done.” Not for a Job Well Done but Well Done as far as being cooked. They all laughed as I walked down the hall in my hospital gown with my bare butt exposed for the last time….”


Please take time to read this whole Blog.  Its not Super Long…but it is real with a sense of humor that we all relate to!    Thank you Mike!

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