This is a completely different look at Supporting our Troops.  Spirit of America: Make the troops safer and more successful at their jobs in other countries.  Helps them get home quicker and safer.

Watch Video that explains the Spirit of America by the CEO Jim Hake.

Spirit of America is a non-profit organization: a 501c3 public charity. Our mission is to help Americans serving abroad assist people in need.

We were founded in 2003. Since then we have provided millions in targeted assistance to help US troops to help local people in the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa: Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq, Pakistan, Djibouti and Kenya.

We’ve established a groundbreaking model for partnership of a nonprofit organization with the US military. Our support is fast, flexible and decentralized. It improves conditions and relationships on the front lines. It makes our troops safer and more successful in their mission. And, it helps people in remote areas that official aid programs don’t often reach.

Examples of our support

Goods: we’ve provided sewing machines, school supplies, tools, water pumps, solar lights, midwife kits, winter jackets, sandals, medical supplies and much more.

Expertise: we provide troops access to private-sector know-how through our partnership with GLG Research. Troops only need ask us a question. We’ve connected troops with experts in flood control, road construction, business creation and more.

Solutions: Our School Partners program pairs American schools with schools in countries where US troops serve. Students videoconference and US schools assist their overseas partner.

How we are funded

100% of every dollar you contribute goes directly to the project, or use, that you choose. We are supported solely through private contributions from individuals, foundations and businesses.

We do not receive funding from the government or military but each private gift dollar to Spirit of America builds upon investments already being made by the United States.

Why people support us

Some see Spirit of America as a way to support our troops and help them be safer and more successful in their mission. Others see us as a way to help directly people who have suffered from repression, conflict and war. And others see Spirit of America as a way to improve the position and image of America in the world and advance freedom and peace.

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