We are always looking for fun and quality pictures to use in our Month of Cause campaign!

We are also willing to share your story, even if you don’t have a vehicle picture to add!

 SUBMIT NOW   email Winning@BowerMedia.com

Each month we have a certain type of vehicle that we are looking for, but you can submit your vehicle picture at any time to be put in an upcoming file.



– You must “own” the picture.  Either by act of taking the picture or purchasing it from a photographer.  The photo will have words added to it to reference the Cause and the Branding of this website, along with any potential sponsorship.  The photo will be used on the internet for informational purposes and may be utilized in a printed fashion.  There is no financial gain from submitting a picture, only the ability to utilize your vehicle to help spread cause awareness.  Any picture submitted will assume that you read this statement, that it is owned by the submitter and have released the content for it’s understood use. 

– Please include YOUR NAME, a few words about your vehicle and where the picture was taken. If you would like, please add how this particular month’s disease has effected you or your family.   If you would like to add Photo Credit, you need to include in this initial email.  The information provided will be included with the picture on the post on our website.

– Please send the Highest Resolution of the picture as possible.  This will allow for greater opportunities to be highlighted in the Calendar.

Thank you!! Look forward to seeing some great photos and reading your story!

 SUBMIT NOW  email Winning@BowerMedia.com