Thank Military Families  – One option for adopting a family this season:::

As our military men and women selflessly serve around the world this holiday season, many of their families here on the home front are struggling just to make ends meet while Dad or Mom is away.  So, unfortunately their children wake up with little to no gifts on Christmas morning…as well as the pain of a parent being gone over the holidays.

Every year we send holiday care packages to deployed troops.  And to help loved ones here at home, our ‘Adopt a Family’ Christmas program joins individuals, groups and businesses with military families in need.  We work with with military families going through significant financial hardship and substantial challenges beyond their control.  Most of the families approved for our program are in the midst of deployment over the holidays, but in certain cases we also help families of wounded veterans and other troops at home but in very difficult circumstances making it impossible to provide Christmas gifts for their children.

From A Family…

“My husband is on his second Iraq tour and we couldn’t be more honored.  But we, once again, had to spend our Christmas fund on expenses and supplies for him to return to Iraq.  It is a tough burden to have to tell your loved one, who is fighting in a war, that he can either call home every other day or pay for Christmas gifts for our kids.  But Thank Military Families provided gifts and stockings for each of our kids as well as many other military families in need!”

-Brandee, Army Wife & Mom, Fort Bragg

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