This is the end of breast cancer awareness month and it made me think (yes that can only mean I need to  blog). BEFORE I got stupid dumb breast cancer I was a huge supporter of this cause, like massive. Just ask any team member of Cure or Bust and they will tell you how hard I tried to raise money for CNY Komen. I have a love for emails especially.  I always wanted the team to focus on the celebration of life, whether it is the lives fighting, surviving or lost I wanted to celebrate their battle, nothing says celebrate more than Jello-O shots! I wanted people to go to the race and be empowered by the pink sea of survivors, to see their family walking next to them to show their support and to see the friends who are wearing tutus honoring their friends. The day is really incredible! Did you register yet? I owned pink tie dyes with ribbons and other paraphernalia to show support. I would have people say to me “When did you have breast cancer?” I would reply “NO NO NO I never had it I am just supporting the cause”. I was all about breast cancer awareness before then WTF May 5th came and smacked me.  …”  READ MORE:

Krisha Beal BRT 300 pink breast cancer trophy truck