Wow! What a month of Pink Vehicles!  Thanks to all of you for participating, it has been an amazing and growing experience for me.  I know I have learned a lot about Breast Cancer, and I know that I have added at least two new ladies to my group of friends through reading and utilizing their blogs in this project.  I also know that you have enjoyed it to some degree…whether it be liking just one of the cars thinking they were cool to liking and sharing or commenting.  Thank you for all your work in spreading the word.


This is my last pink vehicle that I am posting, but there are more on the website that I haven’t been able to get to!  Please go and check them out:


Thank you for sharing the pictures.  Thank you for learning.  Thank you for supporting everyone with Breast Cancer, and those that don’t…yet!  You are Awesome!


Tonight is Halloween, Have a Blast!


Tomorrow we get to change it up.  It’s November 1st and we will be….. well, I’m not gonna tell you.  Watch for a newsletter to hit tomorrow.  To get the info (From the Showroom Floor of SEMA!) to your inbox please take a minute to sign up for our newsletter.


See you tomorrow  ;-)


Pink jeep breast cancer