“I appreciate the annual movement to remind women to have regular mammogram’s and I am not unfamiliar with the disease. I lost my only sister to Breast Cancer, my Mother and Aunt fought it and they won. I dated two women who had mastectomies and I personally know many others that have been hit by this illness. Globally, almost a half a million women die every year from Breast Cancer. One in eight women will contract breast cancer over their lifetimes. Curing or ending breast cancer is certainly a worthy cause to contribute to.

That being said, just how much ‘pink’ is too much? Yesterday, I talked with one of my friends who had a mastectomy in 1995 and she beat her own Breast Cancer. She was a major NFL Football fan long before the NFL went ‘pink’ every October. She has no particular alliance to any team and she watches several games every week but she ranted on and on to me about the “horrible” pinked uniforms, shoes, helmets, hats and goal posts she has to watch during the NFL games in October.   …”  READ THE FULL ARTICLE Click Here  http://www.dtvusaforum.com/blogs/fringe-reception/211-hunt-pink-october-how-much-pink-too-much.html
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