“It turns out mom was right: You should really eat your broccoli”
There’s no hiding the fact that diet heavily influences cancer risk, no matter the type of cancer. However, knowing exactly which foods are beneficial and which ones are harmful can help to shape a diet to achieve its maximum health potential. Considering that prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, AskMen has decided to take a long, hard look at anti-prostate cancer foods. Here are a few.


You are what you eat

Rigorous research takes time and money, and unfortunately, one, if not both, may be lacking. There are simply so many foods and supplements available that researching them all is not only impractical, but likely impossible. With that said, the key to preventing prostate cancer via diet is to eat a well-balanced meal, including all of the above foods, along with a hearty serving of other fruits and vegetables. You can dabble in meats and dairy, but if possible, keep your dabbling to a minimum.

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