Remember the Oct 11 post?  Wigs and Bras and Silicone Tits…  Here is Yvonnes Reply to my posting on her blog that I used her comments:

Hi Charlene,
Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, and for posting on more widely – you have really brightened up an already lovely day for me. I love the pink cars on your main site too, and it really is so encouraging for those of us who are fighting the fight to know that there are people like you, complete strangers with the kindest of hearts, who are banging the drum for all of us. Today, the blog readership increased four-fold, with a huge Stateside contingent all reading the same post from a few weeks ago…. and now I know why! I’d love to know how you stumbled across it in the first place, and you might be interested to see the most fun I’ve had doing the blog by looking at the post I uploaded yesterday – showing off all my new eccentric hats and my fabulous new wig……. and even being brave enough to show the world my very bald head!! If you google “Yvonne Newbold Bllogspot The Cancer Photo Shoot” you should find it.
Very many thanks once again, not just for drawing people’s attention to the blog, but also for the tireless effort you are putting in the raise awareness of breast cancer.
If you’re happy for me to do so, I’ll mention you in my next post.
All the very best,
Yvonne xxxxx

So of course, I must go and see her Hats!  You can tell by the glow she was having fun!  …Amazing the difference a Wig makes!!…

And Today she posted a little blurp on the Pink Vehicle Campaign:

The best news (well, not really, but hear me out) is her dad had Prostate Cancer and she said she would help me with information about that as we flip the calendar into November!

Look outside your box today and say hello to someone new.  You never know what joy they may bring, or how they may add a positive impact to your life….when all you are trying to do is add a positive impact to theirs.

PinkVW Bus breast cancer